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The Grimnoir Chronicles are a series of books written by Larry Correia. They detail an alternate 1930s where people born with magical abilities called Actives have existed for the last century.

Magic began manifesting in 1849. At the point of the stories (circa 1932-1933) 1 person in 100 has some level of magic, although not enough to be considered an Active. 1 person in 1000 has enough Power to be an Active.

Some general differences between the books history and our own:

  • The Titanic did not sink, it was saved by an Active.
  • When he was elected President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was not in a wheelchair, having been cured of polio by a Mender as a child.
  • Dirigibles/Blimps are common air carriers.
  • National Socialism (Nazism) never rose in Germany, as Hitler was shot by a firing squad long before he developed any kind of following before the events in the books take place.
  • In the Great War, the Kaiser's forces employed magic that turned all of the battlefield dead into zombies. At the end of the war, the remaining zombies were herded into Berlin and surrounded by a big wall to keep them in. They are still there to this day, and it is now referred to as "Dead City".
  • The Great War was ended by the invention of the Peace Ray, a weapon invented by Nikolai Tesla (a Cog) capable of hitting any target with a 300-mile line-of-sight range and utterly destroy it. Now, all countries have Peace Ray installations, and out-and-out war is a thing of the past. At least, that's what the brochures say...

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